About Our Company
Rooted in love and dedicated to supporting independent business, LuvIndie helps our partners promote and sell their products.
LuvIndie embraces individuality and celebrates entrepreneurship.

Our partners dedicate their lives to perfecting both their unique product lines and styling techniques. Their passion for natural hair and skin care is evident in all they do – from the time dedicated to perfecting product formulas, to the hours spent behind the chair, to the in-salon services they offer. Each has a story to share and a desire to bring their natural hair and skin care products to audiences beyond their salon or barber shop.

Interested In Selling Products Through LuvIndie?


We offer hands-on support for each of the core processes necessary for our partners to grow their natural hair care product business. From sales and marketing, to supply chain and distribution, manufacturing to product development, LuvIndie supports your business at each step of your journey! With over 70 years of industry expertise, our team can help you improve your current business through targeted salon service and product assessments as well as branding support.We invite you to learn more about our partners!